Noveny Peppermint Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Grade For Skin nourishment, Hair Care, Insect repellent, Anti-aging & Aroma Diffuser

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Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

The cool, sharp and refreshing fragrance of Peppermint oil is mood uplifting and relaxing. The components of this multi-purpose oil are used internationally in cosmetics, culinary, and health industries.

  • NOURISHES THE SKIN: Has anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe inflamed skin by reducing the sensations of redness, dryness and itching.
  • HEALTHY HAIR: Helps in hair growth and prevents from fungal infection, stimulate hair growth and removes dandruff.
  • REFRESHING FRAGRANCE: Has fresh, cheerful scent that enhances mood by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • INSECT REPELLENT: Has a fresh minty and cheerful aroma and used to repel insects and mosquitoes naturally.
  • 100% Pure & Natural, Premium Therapeutic Grade.

2 reviews for Noveny Peppermint Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Grade For Skin nourishment, Hair Care, Insect repellent, Anti-aging & Aroma Diffuser

  1. Akanksha tyagi (verified owner)

    This Essential peppermint oil is a natural and pure product by the brand noveny which is a multi purpose oil.

  2. Novenylife Team

    it’s a very good oil

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The Mood-Uplifting Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil is a multipurpose and versatile oil in all ways. Peppermint oil has invigorating fragrance that is mood-uplifting and freshening. This oil is known to reduce pain, boosts up health, reduce feelings of stress & anxiety , prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Used in medicinal, cosmetics, aromatherapy applications and in daily usage.

Peppermint Oil used
Peppermint Oil used


Nourishes the Skin:
Dilute Peppermint oil in carrier oil to apply on skin daily to moisturize the skin.
Healthy Hair :
Dilute Peppermint oil in coconut oil, and apply on scalp and massage for healthy hair growth.
Refresing, Minty Scent:
Add oil in diffuser to make the surrounding aromatic with its calming & soothing aroma.
Insect Repellent:
Mix oil into water in a spray bottle to get rid of bugs & insects.
Relaxing Bath:
Mix orange oil in coconut or almond oil and massage for skin lightening.

100% Pure & Natural
100% Pure & Natural
Made with Love & Care log
Made with Love & Care
Ethically Sourced
Ethically Sourced
Vegan Friendly
Vegan Free
No Preservatives
Paraben Free
Paraben Free
Not Tested On Animals
Not Tested On Animals
Sulphate Free
Sulphate Free
Anti Bacterial
Anti Bacterial
Skin & Hair Nourishment
Norishing Skin & Hair
Cooling, Minty Aroma
Cooling, Minty Aroma
Anti Inflammatory
Anti inflammatory
Natural Pain Reliever
Natural pain reliever
About Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint Essential oil is known for its multipurpose and versatile usages. Its a perennial herb native to the mediterranean and also been cultivated in USA, Italy, Great Britain and Japan. It is used by Chinese and Japanese in their Medicinal practices. It has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties which makes this oil much more effective and beneficial. Used as a cleaning agent to sanitize and deodorize the environment with its refreshing and uplifting aroma. Its cooling and warming sensations makes it an effective oil that reduces pain, calms redness and itchy skin. It has many therapeutic properties including pain relieving, aromatherapy applications, used in disinfecting and soothe inflames skin, chest rub to relieve congestion, eliminates the growth of germs and bacteria, promotes feeling of full energy. Due to its stimulant properties, using oil daily could interfere with sleep patterns and an overdose can lead to severe side effects

Storage and Precautions:

Noveny’s Peppermint Essential oil is of premium grade and manufactured carefully in our certified In-House R&D Institute named ATRIC(Ayuroma Technology,Research,Incubation & Innovation Centre). It has been extracted using the steam distillation method without the use of any chemicals. Always dilute essential oil with suitable carrier oils before using it for personal care. Follow the recommendation of a trusted expert or source for better results. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes. Check for allergies or sensitivity before use. If pregnant, nursing or under medical care, consult your doctor before use. Store in a cool, dry place.


Can I use Peppermint essential oil directly?

Peppermint Oil is an essential oil that means it is highly concentrated in nature so it should be carefully handled and always use after diluting with some carrier oils.

How does Peppermint Oil work?

Peppermint Oil has cooling, sharp and refreshing fragrance that is mood uplifting, energizing and invigorates and sharpens your senses.. The components of this multi-purpose oil are used internationally in cosmetics, culinary, and health industries.

What are the benefits of Peppermint Oil ?

Benefits of Peppermint Oil are following:

  1. Nourishes the skin.
  2. Healthy Hair.
  3. Refreshing, Minty Scent.
  4. Insect Repellent.
  5. Relaxing Bath
Does Peppermint Oil really helpful ?

The cooling, mood uplifting, energizing fragrance of Peppermint oil invigorates sense, boosts health and treats various skin problems. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties has ability to eliminte harmful bacteria, cures infections and effective for mental and emotional health.

Why to use natural Peppermint Oil ?

Natural Peppermint Oil is extracted using Steam Distillation Method without the use of any chemicals. It is good in quality and helps fight againt harmful germs, enjoy glowing skin and shiny hair without any infection.

Can I consume Peppermint Oil?

Never. Noveny”s Peppermint Oil is only for External use. Essential oils are not edible .I will recommend that do not ingest Peppermint oil because of the high potency of oil.

Should I blend Peppermint oil with other essential oil ?

Yes , Peppermint Oil blend with other essential oil. Although Peppermint oil is itself great but when it mix with other essential oil it gives amazing result.

Here are few combination :
Peppermint oil and Tea Tree oil: Good combination for aromatherapy and promotes feelings of happiness and de-stress.

Peppermint oil and Rosemary oil: This blend helps to nourishes skin and also helpful in hair massage.
Peppermint Oil and Lavender oil : Good combination for using in diffusers and boosts up mood and enhaces restful relaxing sleep.


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