Noveny Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural, For Skin, Hair, Face, Body Massage & Aroma Diffuser

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The floral and light fresh aroma of Lavender Oil helps to relax the body, mind & soul. It is widely used in cosmetics and perfumery because of its floral scent. Its aroma is long-lasting and best use in vaporizers/diffusers

Benefits of Lavender Oil

      • ACNE CONTROL & FACE CARE: Works to kill bacteria, prevent and heal acne breakouts.
      • HAIR CARE: Helps in promoting hair growth and fights dandruff.
      • THERAPEUTIC BATH- Has a pleasant and floral aroma that helps to reduce stress & relax the body.
      • REFRESHING AROMA: Used in diffusers as its smell so good to reduce stress & anxiety.
      • 100% Pure & Natural, Premium Therapeutic Grade.


1 review for Noveny Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural, For Skin, Hair, Face, Body Massage & Aroma Diffuser

  1. Akanksha

    Lavender Essential Oil its very good product

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The Elegant Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil is one of the most loved essential oils because of its elegant fragrance. Its floral soothing aroma helps in calming and relaxing the body & soul, while it has number of beauty benefits for both skin and hair care. Use Lavender oil for your skin, hair, aromatherapy or diffuse for a peaceful day and a sound sleep.


Face Care & Acne Control:
Add few drops of lavender oil in jojoba oil and apply as a moisturizer on a clean face to reduce pimples and acne scars.
Hair care & Dandruff control:
Mix few drops of lavender oil into coconut oil and massage onto hair and scalp to reduce dandruff.
Body Massage:
Blend few drops of Lavender oil in a suitable carrier oil for relaxing and peaceful body massage.
Relaxing & Restful sleep:
Add few drops of lavender oil on your pillow for a restful sleep.
Floral & Refreshing Aroma:
Use fewa drops of lavender oil in a diffuser to make the surrounding aromatic with its soothing aroma.

Lavender oil Hints

100% Pure & Natural
100% Pure & Natural
Not Tested On Animals
Never Tested on Animals
Ethically Sourced
Ethically Sourced
Paraben Free
Paraben Free
Sulphate Free
Sulphate Free
Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly
Anti Bacterial
Anti Bacterial
Anti Inflammatory
Anti Inflammatory
Neem Oil for Skin
Calming Floral Aroma
Calming Floral Aroma
About Lavender Oil:

Lavender Oil is very popular herbs from ancient time. It has been Mostly used in the world over more than 2000 years. Lavender Oil is a Essential Oil obtained from the flowers of Lavender which belongs to the mint family. It is known for its beauty, sweet floral fragrance and multiple uses. Lavender Oil is known to be used mostly in perfumery by the Romans in bathing, as a diffuser for scenting the air and in soaps. It is used in soaps, fragranted candles, perfumes, beauty and food products. Because of its calming, physically and emotionally balancing fragrance, it has commanly been used for its relaxing effects on the body. Lavender oil is used medicinally, to eliminate harmful bacteria, relieve muscles spasms, disinfect and soothe inflamed skin, promotes wound healing and calms itchy bug bite. It is used in aromatherapy so as to reduce the stress and exhaustion level by relaxing the mind & body.

Storage and Precautions:

Noveny’s Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil is of premium grade and manufactured carefully in our certified In-House R&D Institute named ATRIC(Ayuroma Technology,Research,Incubation & Innovation Centre). Always dilute essential oil with suitable carrier oils before using it for personal care. Follow the recommendation of a trusted expert or source for better results. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes. Check for allergies or sensitivity before use. If pregnant, nursing or under medical care, consult your doctor before use. Store in a cool, dry place.


Can I use Lavender essential oil directly?

Lavender Oil is an essential oil that means it is highly concentrated in nature so it should be carefully handled and always use after diluting with some carrier oils.

How does Lavender Oil work?

Lavender Oil has fresh floral aroma that promotes relaxing sleep and reduces stress, used widely in cosmetics and perfumery, can also be added to your skin and hair care regime.

What are the benefits of Lavender Oil ?

Benefits of Lavender Oil are following:

  1. Skin Care & Acne Control.
  2. Body Massage & Aromatherapy.
  3. Hair Growth & Dandruff Control.
  4. Relaxing sleep.
  5. Refreshing Aroma.
Does lavender Oil really helpful ?

Lavender Oil has a floral scent that is calming and helps in relaxing, De-stressing, Head Ease & Promotes sleep. It has a soothing effect on your nerves and mind. Lavender Oil has some healing properties to reduce stress, exhaustion and upset mood.

Why to use natural Lavender Oil ?

Natural Lavender Oil is extracted using Steam Distillation Method without the use of any chemicals. It is good in quality and helps you to sleep better, enjoy glowing skin and shiny hair.

Can I consume Lavender Oil?

Never. Noveny”s Lavender Oil is only for External use. Essential oils are not edible .I will recommend that do not ingest lavender oil because of the high potency of oil.

Should I blend lavender oil with other essential oil ?

Yes , Lavender Oil blend with other essential oil. Although lavender oil is itself great but when it mix with other essential oil it gives amazing result.
Here are few combination :

Chamomile oil and lavender oil : It is good combination for insomniac patient. Pippermint oil and lavender oil : This combination are very useful in tension- headache problem.
Clove oil and lavender oil : Clove and lavender together very helpful in reducing bacterial growth on body part.


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