Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils


When Essential things that are used in our daily routine are getting harder to find out, then it’s the time to break out the supplies and make them yourself at home.
As we all know that how important is the use of Hand Sanitizer in our daily lives. So when it is hard to find out hand sanitizer in the market place, here is the recipe to make your own hand sanitizer with household ingredients, essential oils, and few minutes of your time, and your homemade hand sanitizer is ready to use.
The key to homemade hand sanitizer is that which works on the proper amount of germ-killing alcohol. Hand sanitizers must have 80% alcohol content in order to be more effective.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe:


      • 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol Isopropyl Alcohol.
      • 1/3 cup aloe Vera Gel.
      • 1 Teaspoon Jojoba Oil.
      • 8-10 drops Essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil or Lemon Oil.


      • Add Alcohol, Aloe vera gel, and Jojoba oil to a bowl.
      • Add Essential oils and mix them all to combine.
      • Fill or store in bottles of your choice.


Put a small amount of Homemade Hand Sanitizer in the palm of one hand, then rub it all over every surface of both hands. Keep rubbing until it gets dry properly.

About Homemade Hand Sanitizer:

As always, we are committed to cleanliness and talk about hygiene, Hand sanitizer is also one thing that strikes to our mind.
Hand Sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease the effect of infectious agents on our hands. They come in different forms like liquids, gels, and foams.

      • Isopropyl Alcohol: is mostly used as an antiseptic rubbing alcohol in hand sanitizers. This alcohol kills bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Basically, used to keep your hands hygienic and your surroundings microbes free.
      • Aloe Vera Gel: is used to make the hand sanitizer solution thick and keeps your skin smooth. Its most widely used in herbal remedies for skin conditioning.
      • Jojoba Oil: helps in moisturizing your skin and make it soft. This oil is used in hand sanitizer just because it is a non-greasy oil and helps in skin conditioning.
      • Essential Oils: are best to be used in hand sanitizers so as to add soft and floral fragrance. The essential oils you choose may protect you against the germs. Few drops of Lavender oil and Lemon oil make your skin soft and smooth. Peppermint oil is antiseptic and naturally cleanses the skin. Tea tree oil is antimicrobial, it should be diluted with some carrier oil so as to prevent skin irritation.
        So, this is just a few minutes process and you can make your own Hand Sanitizer using Essential oils at your home.

Thank you!

Shaily Katiyar